The YES!HUB is a place where the global community can connect, share resources and get insights to tell compelling stories of youth empowerment.

The ProblemYouth Unemployment map

The World Economic Forum estimates youth account for almost 75% of the globally unemployed, equating to nearly 360 million youth NOT in education, training or employment. 62% of these young people live in South Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific. Furthermore, it is estimated that the Asia and Pacific region loses $40 billion per year as a result of gender gaps in education and access to employment opportunities.

The Solution


By embracing the mind-set, philosophies and practices at the very core of innovation, Plan International has developed an ecosystem of integrated solutions; each standing alone, yet working together to create truly unique learning experiences and insights. The YES!HUB is a one-stop-eShop, with the tools, insights and community to support your pursuit of a more economically empowered future for youth.




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Viewing 3 topics - 1 through 3 (of 4 total)